Hey bro, this rocks! Excellent work! This was the best thing and most enjoyable thing I have worked on yet Phil. I love working with you.             - Brian Marable, Development Officer, YFC
First of all - you did a hell of a job. Seriously, the direction is fantastic and whatever happens from here is icing. I'm blessed to have gotten the opportunity to watch you ship this film. I think it will be something that we can look back on with nothing but fond memories.                                 - Ross Hagan, Director of Story, Whiteboard
HECK YEAH BOIIIII!!!! Great work on this man, you guys are legends! So Stoked!!! Let's collab on some more stuff.                                              - Stephen Fox, Founder & Managing Director, Traverse Agency
OMG, I am just sitting in my office crying!  This video is VERY impactful!! You are a very gifted storyteller and filmmaker Phil Wilson, Thank you! - David Emmons, Director, Olympic College Foundation
I just wanted you to know, when I showed the video to Debbie yesterday she had tears streaming down her face. She loved the way you captured her heart and shared it in this video. We are so blessed to have you as a part of our team.                                                               -  Adele LaCombe, GM, Debbie Macomber Inc.
I can't even tell you how pleased everyone is with this. It is a huge step forward in our desire to tell our story better in the community. Thank you sooo much! - Darin Gemmer, West Sound YFC, City Life Director
What won’t show up on your “Vimeo Play Count” analytics is the fact that multiple times today I’ve just sat down to “scrub the playhead” through your beautiful work. The cinematography is likely the best our audiences will have ever seen... Well done men. Really well done.  - Jake Bland, VP of Marketing, YFC USA